Catalysts for change.

We support the aims of the government of Brazil of improving the quality of education across the nation. Having only been a democracy for just over 30 years, they have achieved an immense result. They face huge difficulties. They are aware of the need to improve and are trying various initiatives in education to help the nation’s children and we place ourselves with them, as partners. We believe we are all working towards the same aims.

Our vision is to be a catalyst to help the systemic, sustainable improvement in education across Brazil and eventually in other countries too. We do that through consultancy, advising school leaders and through mentoring and coaching. We bring our expertise and experience in school improvement and strategy that helps bring new perspective and possible solutions. We also run projects, demonstrating best practice, training staff in schools to continue the transformation.

We believe in the empowering effect of education in it’s fullest meaning. We understand and support the need to raise basic standards, for students to be successful learners, but we also recognise that creativity and the development of interpersonal skills must be at the heart of the learning process. It is knowledge with creativity, transmitted through effective interpersonal skills that will equip students with a life-long love of learning. It is these competencies that will provide a strong foundation for every child to realise his or her potential, to become a fully formed citizen with the imagination and skills to solve problems that will exist in the future, using those same skills to navigate their own path through their chosen development. This project involves coaching educators to build the foundation on which these dreams will be built. It is not about assuming responsibility for the delivery of education for this stays with the educators, but helping the development of skills, attitudes and culture to empower these wonderful young people to take responsibility for their own learning and futures. We recognise that we, as professionals, do not have all the answers and that we need to listen, observe and act, to take risks and to allow failure for it is on these values, these essential seeds, that confidence and creativity will blossom.

Our projects are various, but here are examples.



Who we work with.

We work with school leaders, teachers, parents and other NGO’s.



Our story

Phil Hawkins, CEO and founder of Aprender, was offered a chance to take a holiday in Brazil in 2001 – an event that proved to be life changing.