The 2014 ApRUNder Winter Warmer 10K is on!!

Saturday 6th December!

Christmas shopping or a chance to run (or walk) in one of Britain’s most beautiful places?! This is a big shout out to all runners and walkers to come and be part of this great family and friends event for a great cause. The route is both on and off road. You’ll have a great send off and a welcome home with refreshments available and Gill will be back from Brazil for a visit so will be running too!

We’ll shortly be advertising and setting up a charity giving page but we want you to put this in the diary now and make it an amazing start to the festive season.

If you’re a serious runner, one of our runners already signed up has done 10K in 34 minutes – are you up to challenge yourself against him?! Or, do you fancy wrapping up and strolling through the course in a more leisurely way, chatting and making new friends along the route? Whatever your own style, please advertise this to your friends and family to make this 10K our best yet.

Here’s a guide to the route from last year, although it may change slightly. More details will follow later. To register please use the contact tab above. Abraços to all!

ApRUNder 10K 2013 – route map

Catalysts for change.

Our vision is to be a catalyst to help the systemic, sustainable improvement in education across Brazil and eventually in other countries too. We do that through consultancy, advising school leaders and through mentoring and coaching. We bring our expertise and experience in school improvement and strategy that helps bring new perspective and possible solutions. We also run projects, demonstrating best practice, training staff in schools to continue the transformation.

School in a box is the name we give to what we are producing – our education supplement.

We take our experience of working cross culturally in Brazil, from our support school model, our PiXL project and our pre-school project and use them to shape what we offer. It all goes into the mix. We filter what has worked well from what hasn’t, what we’ve learnt and importantly what we’ve failed at and modify our blend of consultancy, practical help and mentoring services.

We offer a range of interventions that helps school leaders really drill down into what is real, what is really happening and what really matters. This helps busy, passionate head teachers evaluate their schools and modify their plans for the future.

We are developing a web content covering key issues like leadership, school climate, planning and evaluation that will include research articles, presentations and video teaching content that will be available to any school, any where. Our approach is to offer a ‘taster’ experience first and, if a school likes what they see, to then work in close partnership, bringing consultancy and friendship through our school-in-a-box portal. In this way school leaders can take what they want in a time frame to suit them. Our role is to aid reflection, stimulate thinking, challenge ideas including cultural norms and grow hope that transformation is possible.


Our projects are various, but here are examples.



Who we work with.

We work with school leaders, teachers, parents and other NGO’s.



Our story

Phil Hawkins, CEO and founder of Aprender, was offered a chance to take a holiday in Brazil in 2001 – an event that proved to be life changing.