get involved

How you can help?

Get involved.

If you like our work and share our vision, then we would love you to get more involved. There are a number of ways you could do that.

Keep up to date

To get on our mailing list for updates every month, click here and send us your details. We also use Twitter, Facebook and Blog so anyone can stay up to date and share the adventure. All feeds appear on our home page. We do not share your details with any third parties.

Network on Aprender’s behalf.

We all have different networks, be it through the family, office, church, school or university. If you can spread the word, then our network will continue to grow. Why not forward them our latest newsletter or a link to our website? There are grants and funds for education projects that you may know about and could help make a connection. People you know may be searching for a good cause to support, for example, and you could suggest Aprender.

Give to the work of Aprender,

Be it a one-off or a monthly contribution, every penny goes a long way out there, and can make a huge difference. One of the most deeply-impacting moments in our time so far has been to see the amazement on teacher’s faces when they comprehend we are there to help their professional development – something they normally have to pay for themselves! Many teachers have to take second jobs, for example, waitressing, to make ends meet so simply have never been able to advance their careers. So please do consider any amount, and click on the link at the top of the page.

Become a representative for Aprender.

This would involve offering your time to promote our work and be involved in any of the above. You can represent us at your work, school, church, university or in your neighbourhood. We would love to have a stronger and more formalised link with you. Contact us at admin@aprender.co.uk for more details.

Pray for Aprender, and all its activities.

Many of our supporters are sympathetic to our values and have a personal faith who want to pray for us and with us. This may be something you might consider. We really welcome this support and acknowledge that we can’t do this by ourselves. Our faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to do what we’re doing. We have a prayer co-ordinator who helps this connection and you have the option to receive specific requests for prayer if you wish. Let us know through the contact form if this is something you want to do. Many thanks.