in brazil

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Our task would be almost impossible without our partner NGO in Brazil ‘Total Educação e Cultura’ (Total Education and Culture).

Together we are ‘AprenderTotal’ – which translated means ‘to learn everything’. ‘Total’s’ vision is to see society transformed and is passionate about inclusion. They work in 4 main areas:

  • Education – supported by Aprender.
  • Social Inclusion – eg running programmes that support people from homes that have experienced domestic violence
  • Culture – eg they support a culture centre in a very poor area in Goiânia that helps keep kids off the streets through learning boxing, hip-hop dance, capoeira and DJ-ing.
  • Qualification – Total run courses in business leadership and management

‘Total’ have the local knowledge, contacts and, of course, the language and culture! These are invaluable to us and have meant that we have made excellent progress in a relatively short period of time.