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Aprender for Education Officers in NGOs, Denomination and Government Organisations

Aprender raises educational standards and outcomes through culturally-sensitive trainings for teachers and headteachers under your care.


Using the UN goals for sustainable development as a guide, Aprender's training provides educators and education officers with modern, tried and tested approaches to learning, underpinned by decades of research and delivered through a wealth of experience.

What's more, we do not charge for our services, meaning that we do not make demands on your own budget.

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Our Offer Of Support

The Africa Development Forum indicates several key issues affecting education development, namely:

  1. Poor quality basic education.

  2. Ineffective management and support of teachers.

  3. The institutional capacity-gap.

The Aprender Education Development Foundation was set up to promote the development and impact of our APTO school improvement model which values and empowers school leaders in Government, Denominational, and NGO schools and education projects in developing countries. Our foundation brings the people, passion, resources, and social technology together to make an impact on the world’s underserved communities. 

As such, we provide a replicable, culturally aligned, and contextualised education development model that addresses those 3 key issues mentioned above. 

Our Apto school improvement model:

  • Raises the quality of basic education based on international best practice

  • Improves school leadership and management knowledge, skills and understanding

  • Improves the support of teachers

  • Builds resilience and sustainability into school systems that close the institutional capacity gap.

Following our training, the education officers from Government, Denomination, or NGOs are equipped to repeat the training with their head teachers of their schools in their areas supporting schools to dream bigger, plan better and improve school outcomes.


Adherence to UN Sustainability Goals


Adherence to Charity Governance Code


Adherence to Aprender's High Ethical Values

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If you are interested in what you have read so far, please explore more.  It will be worth the investment.  When you have finished, do connect with us through our contact page and we will be happy to arrange a Zoom call with you to hear from you and see where we can support.