Aprender For Educators

Welcome.  We are so glad you found us.  Please take your time to read all the information below. We set out the approach we offer and the key steps you need to follow to begin a potential partnership with us.

Aprender invests in people; education officers, school leaders and teachers.

We train educators from Government, Denomination or NGO education departments who are already paid in their own country. We train them to use the latest strategies and ideas to improve the quality of their schools. We also train them to coach these ideas to others.


These coaches help their head teachers learn and implement these new ideas. The head teachers then train the teachers in their schools, making sure that change is wanted and will be sustained in years to come.

The Foundation is an implementing organisation rather than grant-making.  It receives funding from numerous supporters, businesses, churches, and grants to finance our Apto Coach Training Programme.


Aprender does not itself provide funding for individual school projects.


Quotes from our Clients

“The real life examples given by the trainer during the lessons were very good and they helped all of us to deeply think and relate them to what was happening in our schools, hence enhanced our understanding.”

“What was probably most helpful was the huge motivational lift and inspiration provided by our dedicated coach, who was able to convey all the information in such a way that everyone ‘got it’ and was hooked enough to want to continue and see what was coming next!”

“The course has empowered me with new management skills that I am eager to put into practice. I believe I will be more clear in my communication and efficient in my management.”


The Next Steps

What to do if you would like Aprender's help

If you are in a school in a developing country and can see how a partnership with us would be of benefit, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Talk with your school leaders. Without their desire to change and improve the school, our support will be ineffective.

  2. Take your time to read through everything on our website as this will help give you a wider picture about our work.

  3. The area where you are needs to have a strong internet connection. Without this we are unable to offer assistance.

  4. If your school leader is keen and committed, it is important for them to speak to their managers at the highest level to see if there is interest. This would be your Education Officer if you are a government school, denomination school, or a school supported by an NGO. It is important to let them know that we are not a funding organisation but a specialist training provider.

  5. If they are interested, we would recommend that they connect with us to begin the conversation. This will normally involve a Zoom call, and if your leaders are still interested, there is a ‘start-up’ process that will begin.

Please understand that if you do not go through the steps outline above, we will not be able to assist you.