Your donations are vital

Imagine you are a teacher in a developing country. You have 80 students in your class. You have hardly any resources. Your training to be a teacher was not great. Your professional support since coming to the school has been sporadic. Your salary is barely enough to make ends meet. Imagine you are in a training event and a white westerner walks in to present. Your thoughts understandably go to wondering how much money they have been paid to arrive from outside your culture. You begin to understand where the money is going.


You feel depressed.






Your mind begins to close.


But then things change.


Your leader says that this westerner receives no money from your country to support the school. They have taken time to understand your culture and your needs. They have come not just to teach but to learn too. You are surprised, intrigued and expectant. Your mind begins to open, ready to receive new possibilities about the future.

This is a scene that is often played out in front of us. We see the change in people’s eyes when they understand that money that should be spent on their salaries is not going to our foundation.  


This powerful exchange is only possible because you invest your money in Aprender.


Our donors and investors make this happen and we are so grateful to be in such a great place to begin.

But we want you to think about your place in our foundation. You are not just a donor. We consider you a vital part of the team and we are so grateful for your confidence and camaraderie. All of the change we see is part of your inheritance, your return on your investment.


We want you to know that.

Education development is the gift that keeps giving.

Developed and supported professional teachers spread their knowledge and continue to impact colleagues, classes, and communities every year, enriching human capital and improving prospects and livelihoods.

Your donations plant the seed of change.

Little children and their teacher practicing yoga

How We Use Your Donations

When donating to Aprender, your funds are used to:

  • Support some of our Apto Coaches. (Some of our coaches are volunteers, others are paid by their funding organisations)

  • Fund travel when necessary

  • Fund our online platform and resources

  • Continue our research and development in global education improvement

  • Subscribe to important networking agencies and IT services

  • Conduct a yearly audit of our accounts

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How Do You Know Your Money Is Being Used Properly?

Aprender's many supporters ​volunteer their work and do not draw on our financial resources.  Beyond that, we take measures to demonstrate that your funds are being properly managed: 

  • All of the Board of Trustees are volunteers and give their time for free.

  • We have external auditors that examine our accounts.

  • We submit an Annual Return to the Charity Commission.

  • We do not fund the institutions we work with.

  • We are very cost-effective as our approach produces self-replicating hubs of excellence.

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Corporate Donations

Support Aprender's cause through your business.


Private Donations

We are immensely grateful to our individual donors.