Our Impact

Schools in developing countries must create their own methods and structures, often without the support of industry bodies, a network of peers or proper training for teachers.

Without a tracking process, how can a headteacher know if the children are learning effectively? Without a support network, where can a teacher find advice on handling a disruptive child or dealing with 120 children in one class?

Read on to learn how Aprender can help.


Our Model For Creating Sustainable Change

We developed our Apto model in 2010 and it’s worked successfully in every country and culture that’s asked for our help.


We train in-country educators, who are paid by their Government, Denomination or a Non-Governmental Organisation, such as a charity. These educators become Apto coaches who go on to develop the ideas and strategies they have learnt to improve the quality of their schools.

Our Apto coaches use the same model to train their headteachers, giving them the education know-how and supporting them as they learn to think and act differently. Headteachers pass on the ideas and strategies to their teachers, making sure that this change is wanted and will be sustained in the years to come.

The students benefit from improved soft skills and exam grades, giving them new options for their lives and the potential to deliver new values to their communities.

Transformation Built On Trust

Above all, we put relationship before anything else.  Sustained change doesn’t happen without it.  We are a family, not an intervention.

Our primary focus is the local education officer. Invest in them and you change the present and the future as they, in turn, invest in their school leaders, teachers and students.


We specifically:

  • Work with local governance.

  • Engage in a culturally relevant way.

  • Train teachers how to track student outcomes objectively.

  • Facilitate schools to share best practice.

  • Measure and evaluate what we do and use it to improve our work.


We Want To Do More And We Could With Your Investment

We currently have 164 more schools asking for our help.  Current levels of funding means we can't give them a better future through partnership with us.

We would love to change that.


With your investment, we could:​

  • train more in-country Apto coaches to provide sustainable school improvement

  • provide more resources to teachers in these schools to boost exam grades

  • accelerate the development of our powerful mobile app delivering fantastic training to staff on the front line in disadvantaged communities.

Quotes from our Clients

“What was probably most helpful was the huge motivational lift and inspiration provided by our dedicated coach, who was able to convey all the information in such a way that everyone ‘got it’ and was hooked enough to want to continue and see what was coming next!”

"I want to make Apto well known online to many others because this is such a wealthy intellectual knowledge being shared"

“I now understand the need to address all children as individuals and have worked to ensure I use the context of the Syrian children by using their own words and aspects of their culture.”

Our current partnerships and projects