Our Valued Partnerships

Aprender never works alone.  We believe that strong relationships are essential to our work. We work with partners who are already working in the education sector.

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Why Partner With Us?

Our People

Our people are highly trained, empathetic, relational, and culturally-sensitive with on-the-ground experience in education development.


Our Resources and Support

We walk with our clients on their journey, at their pace, always open to questions. with excellent tools at our disposal.

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Driving Value

School leaders get the know-how to effectively transform their schools, delivering sustainable and quantifiable benefits.

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The Total Institute

The Total Institute is a Brazilian NGO based in Goiânia, central Brazil. They are a social agency who intentionally create cultures.  Total are business consultants who have the objective of influencing strategic thinking to align products and services with values of social justice, education and environmentalism and by adopting these values to become more profitable.

Their key areas are:  Education, Culture,Social Inclusion, Qualification


PiXL International

PiXL International is focused on improving the life chances of young people through the advancement of education. Their mission is to support schools so that pupils can graduate with appropriate qualifications to enable success. They have their roots in PiXL (Partners in Excellence) that emerged from the London Challenge in 2007 to further develop and widen the learning and success achieved in the capital's school improvement programme. The network has evolved from 50 schools at its inception to current membership of around 1500 secondary schools, 75 PRUs, 550 post-16 providers and 200 primary schools – all of whom share a desire to raise standards and inspire young people to achieve excellence in their lives.


SESI – Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

SESI – (Industry Social Service) was created in 1946 and serves industries and workers and their families in the promotion of health and education including the community. They also promote the management of health and safety at work. For 75 years, SESI have been the national reference in educating young people for the future of work in Brazil. They run schools and train students through the application of active pedagogy for the development of key competences. They have been engaging in international cooperation in both industrialized and developing countries. Their partners are international organizations and agencies, governments, technical institutions, private companies, research centres and universities.


Kids Alive International

Kids Alive International is a Christ-centred mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs. All of the children in their care were orphaned, abandoned, or abused, living on the streets, and victims of poverty, disease, or war. Kids Alive rescues these children – one at a time – and enrols them into Children’s Homes, Care Centres, or School programs that are best suited to the care they need. Kids Alive are currently reaching children in 15 countries with the redeeming love of Christ.


Bookham Baptist Church

Aprender receives tremendous support from Bookham Baptist who have a team of people with expertise in helping transformation projects both locally and across the globe.

Their rich experience is invaluable and Aprender is increasingly able to support education development in several of those projects. Much of the emotional and psychological support for Aprender comes from Bookham Baptist and we are supremely grateful for their love and support since day one.



KnownValuedLoved is a growing charity that was set up to address inequalities in education in communities impacted by Conflict.

Their work is framed around three things: 

  1. Access to inclusive education

  2. Quality of education 

  3. Advocacy for education for all.

KnownValuedLoved works in countries across the world but primarily in the Middle East.


John Catt Educational

John Catt Educational have been publishing high-quality guidebooks, magazines and educator-focused professional development books since 1959.

Their range of professional development books has secured them a place as one of the leading publishers in the sector. They publish around 50 books a year and work with some of the most highly regarded educational authors in the UK.

"The contribution that John Catt is making to the library of research and development in the UK in terms of the lexicon of leadership and teaching is significant. The volume and pace of new books and new thinking being brought to the market keeps the system engaged and on its toes as school leaders reflect on the work of others to deliver better outcomes themselves." - Sir David Carter, former National Schools Commissioner for the Department of Education, UK Government

“In recent years, John Catt have established themselves as one of the leading independent publishers in the UK. They are widely respected across the education community and it has been my pleasure to work with them.” - Tom Rees, Executive Director for School Leadership at the Institute for Teaching