Private Donors

A big hello and thank you to you, our wonderful donors and supporters! 


You are the reason we exist!


You have donated funds and told your friends about our work, because you understand that education is important for everyone to enjoy an equal opportunity in life – particularly those who come from underserved communities or areas experiencing conflict, like Syria. Each one of you is different and you all share a similar goal: wanting children all over world to access high quality education which will give them opportunities to grow into successful adults.

We make these pledges to our donors:

  • We will always respect your privacy; if you prefer not to be contacted by certain methods, please let us know.

  • We will always protect your data; we will not sell your personal details or swap them with any other organisation.

  • We love having you as a supporter. We always love to hear from you.

  • We will share stories of how your support is helping to change lives for the better.

  • We will be honest with you. If we face challenges or make a mistake, we will let you know; we are always learning.

  • We are accountable to the people we reach through your support.