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Our Loyal Supporters

Our wonderful supporters encourage us, raise and donate funds, and advertise who we are and what we do. They are a great mix of family, friends, schools, churches, and businesses. We find that whenever people get to know us, they are inspired and want to get involved. Their donations provide vital help and we could not do what we do without them. We consider them part of the team and are so grateful for their confidence and camaraderie. 



Our Foundation has a wider supportive community that are sympathetic to our values, many of whom have a personal faith; they want to pray for us and with us. We really welcome this support, and we acknowledge that we can’t do this by ourselves. Our faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to do what we’re doing. We oppose any discrimination, marginalisation, or persecution of any person. Our work with all of our clients is based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help. We work with people who are vulnerable and marginalised across the world, and offer practical help, unconditional assistance and support regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

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Get Involved

Join our ranks and support our cause.

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Support comes in many shapes and sizes:​

  • Like & Follow. Keep up to date with what is happening through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Get our newsletter (just 4 per year) and soak in the stories of schools being changed.

  • Get in touch, offer your services for free. We rely on volunteers to keep our running costs to a minimum. 

  • Add your skill to the team. We are particularly looking out for help with copywriting, graphic design, animation, marketing and comms, app development, and data management.

  • Spread the word. By talking about us to friends, you may be THE connection that makes something amazing happen that impacts children across the world. You never know!

  • Give. We are a small foundation making a big difference. We can do so much more but need your support. Consider supporting us for one year. Click this button to give now, or visit out 'benefactors' page to find out more.