What's in a name?

Aprender is the Portuguese verb ‘To learn’ and that is what we want to help happen.

Our logo reminds us of a Wi-Fi symbol – we are here to share what we have across the globe, but also reminds us of ripples – that when we invest in a head teacher, that investment has a ripple affect across the future of their school and the community they serve.

The colours are from the Brazilian flag – we’re proud that our approach came from Brazil, a country and people that are a major part of who we are and where we’ve come from.


Who We Are

Aprender is an education charity working in inner city neighbourhoods in Brazil, refugee schools in Lebanon and a number of other countries that is passionate about empowering and transforming communities, bringing hope particularly to those who are disadvantaged.

But it’s not all about changing the futures of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s not just their futures that need changing for the better, but ours too. You can see all around you an increasingly tense society where different people groups are blamed for the ills of a community. We are passionate about growing our values with everyone we come across. A world that is just, that values all cultures and that is deliberate about developing empathy in society is a safer, more prosperous, more engaged world, and one we all want to be part of.


Free for those in need .....

..... is possible only because of gifts from people like you

We deliberately never charge our clients. They are already in environments where there is little money with head teachers and staff often receiving very low salaries. We are not going to ask for money to be diverted to us and away from those amazing people making it happen every day in their schools. But although our service is free it is of high value. Our costs are completely covered by gifts and donations from people like you. Just 5% of our income is spent on administration due to our team of volunteers. We are so grateful for them.​

Every person has the chance to change the future for good — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, brings us ever closer to our goals.


Our Uniqueness

  • Free to schools because of generous donors.

  • Emphasise existing value in schools.

  • Focus on transformative thinking.

  • Our educational development model was formed in tough inner-city Brazilian neighbourhoods and is now used in developing countries.

  • Minimal resources needed for schools.

  • Flexible model with free supporting apps.


Our Values ... Our True North

  • Our values shape the things we do and with whom we partner

  • Cross-cultural relationship – every member has a contribution. 

  • Empathy – understanding before acting​ 


Our Goals

Build scalability with existing model through development of mobile apps for teacher training and data collection and through training in-country coaches – our apps launched and trialled, 3 coaches in Brazil and 2 in Lebanon by 2019. 

Improve access to early years learning by piloting our new “in-home” pre-school model in Lebanon and make ready for scaling out by 2020. 

Build sustainability through growing partnerships to ensure we can continue to provide and expand free services where they are needed most, allowing schools to become self-sufficient through stronger links with supportive local networks. 


Good Governance

As a UK registered charity no. 1136600, we are fully compliant with UK charity law and guidance and follow the Governance Code.  

It’s about attitudes and culture, whether a charity puts its values into practice.

It’s about how trustees make decisions and how well they understand what’s going on.


The code has seven principles – leadership; integrity; decision making, risk and control; board effectiveness; diversity; openness and accountability; all underpinning organisational purpose. Why these qualities matter should be self-evident. The Charity Governance Code represents a standard of good governance practice to which all charities should aspire.


We can be found on the Charity Commission Website