Together Changes 


Our purpose: Better futures through education – theirs and ours.

Theirs… by transforming the lives of disadvantaged children through developing key character strengths and building relevant knowledge.
Ours… because education promotes productivity, tolerance, a stronger belief in democracy and civic participation, and helps resist recruitment to violent extremism.
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About Us

‘Aprender’ is the Portuguese verb ‘To Learn’.

As we work we learn, learn how to consistently improve ourselves, learn from the amazing people with whom we work, learn from the latest global research about the basics of education.

The way we work was (and still is) developed in partnership with our partners, the Total Institute in Goiânia, Brazil.
This shared DNA has been fundamental in growing our approach to working cross-culturally. Our clients choose the pace and area for change.


We support, bring resources and build relationships to ensure sustainability.


Our Design Thinking Approach is called 'Apto'.

Apto means that we work together with all stakeholders and this makes our work both personal and highly contextual.

Being together, planning together and working together doesn’t just change how we work - Together changes everything.

The big issues Aprender tackles

The Aprender Impact

How we work with Clients 
Our Design-Thinking Approach

Design thinking is a powerful process of problem-solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs.


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One Model, Three Pathways

Designed for adults educating children aged 5
and under, Apto Pre-school applies our core
principles in this most important phase of
learning, laying the foundations for what comes


Apto Pre-school helps teachers and
volunteers to equip preschoolers with
confidence, core knowledge and problem solving
abilities so that they enter mainstream school
ready to learn, with a positive mindset and keen
to expand their understanding and humanity.

Designed for adults educating children aged
from 6 to10 years old, Apto 6.10 covers primary
school education, including education support


Apto 6.10 applies our core principles to
help schools equip their primary age students

with time and opportunity to build up their learning

muscles so that ‘being a learner’ becomes a

core part of their character and identity.


Apto 6.10 promotes a school environment where

the priority is to give each child an understanding of

themselves, their world, their culture and their community.

Designed for adults educating children aged
from 11 to 18 years old, covering secondary
school and college, including education support


Apto 11.18 applies our core principles to
help schools equip their students with key
character strengths and relevant knowledge to
empower personal and community


Apto 11.18 gives school leaders
and teachers the tools to create a positive
classroom environment promoting learning
which raises student and teacher aspirations.

Contact Us

We would love to talk with you. We can meet, WhatsApp or Skype. We look forward to you connecting with us.

Email us at:
Call us on: +44 (0) 7564 070927

We want to do more and we could with your investment.

We currently have 164 more schools asking for our help.


Current levels of funding means we can't give them a better future through partnership with us.


With your investment, we could:

- train more in-country coaches to provide sustainable school improvement

- provide more resources to teachers in these schools to boost exam grades

- accelerate the development of our powerful mobile app delivering fantastic training to staff on the front line in disadvantaged communities.

Our address:

Aprender (UK) Ltd,
c/o Bookham Baptist Church,
Lower Road, Great Bookham,
Surrey KT23 4DH
United Kingdom.

UK Registered Charity Number: 1136600