-verb. ‘to learn’ (Portuguese/Spanish). Used to show that someone is acquiring knowledge or skills by studying or through experience.

The Aprender Education Development Foundation promotes community development by improving educational outcomes.


We use a powerful school improvement model called Apto.  This approach values and empowers Government, Denomination and NGO education departments, allowing them to bring sustainable, systemic change to their schools.

We work with registered schools and informal schools, such as education projects for refugees and displaced communities.

We train educators from all these bodies to be coaches using key strategies and ideas to improve the quality of their schools. These coaches inspire, train and guide their own head teachers who in turn transfer these skills to their teachers, implementing, embedding, and sustaining the changes in the years to come.


We don't let price get in the way of relationship. Our work is financed through service fees or, where projects are eligible, through the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.  Please consider making a donation today.

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Focused On Those In Need, Thanks To Generous People Like You

We operate a flexible pricing plan for our clients. Our key question revolves around relationship, not money. The schools we support are already in environments where there is little resource, with head teachers and staff often receiving low salaries. Our costs are subsidised by gifts and donations from people like you.


Just 5% of our income is spent on administration due to our team of volunteers. We are so grateful for them.

Every person has the chance to change the future for good — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, brings us ever closer to our goals.


Who We Are

The Aprender Education Development Foundation is a UK registered charity working in disadvantaged communities in eleven countries. Aprender are passionate about empowering and transforming communities, bringing hope particularly to those who feel forgotten.

But it’s not all about changing the futures of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s not just their futures that need changing for the better, but ours too. You can see all around you an increasingly tense society where different people groups are blamed for the ills of a community. We are dedicated to sharing our values with all of our partners. A world that is just, that values all cultures and that is deliberate about developing empathy in society, is a safer, more prosperous, more engaged world, and one we all want to be part of.


Our Uniqueness

What makes Aprender different is our unique cross-cultural school improvement model called Apto that focuses on sustainable character development, culture change and academic gains.

  • We quickly build relationship and rapport with our clients.

  • We recognise and place emphasis on existing value in schools.

  • We are sensitive to remaining culturally appropriate.

  • Our focus is on transformative thinking, not a 'do this' mentality.

  • Our educational development model was formed in tough inner-city Brazilian neighbourhoods and is now used in developing countries around the globe.

  • We require minimal resources to be provided by schools.

  • We offer a flexible model with remote teaching and  supporting resources.