Casa Semente: Matthew Bush describes Apto in action

Comparing my experience at Casa Semente between 2014 and 2016, I can say that the active learning approach of Apto has indeed made a positive difference in the lives of the children. Using the Apto methodology, Casa Semente has established a healthy and sustainable program in the community that attempts to give them part of this childhood back by giving them a safe place to play as well as food, toys, and the loving care and supervision of responsible adults. In addition, they have adapted their program to include supplemental basic education to accommodate for the shortcomings of the public school system. This pedagogy has led to quantifiable improvements in the children’s lives such as literacy rates as well as qualitative improvements such as self-esteem, temperament, and cooperation. These adjustments may not have been possible without the emphasis that Apto places on collecting and evaluating data.”