Investing in Aprender makes a difference

You may know that investment in global initiatives in developing countries doesn’t exactly have a good track record.

In the publication Foreign Aid for Developing Countries – Problems and Solutions by Gov Capital, and The House – contribution from Lord St John in PoliticsHome Newsletters a long list of investor concerns are noted including:

  • Waste

  • Lack of data

  • Lack of accountability

  • Lack of impact

  • Lack of sustainability

  • Outside investment generates an ‘aid’ mentality

Our model and approach address these concerns. The Aprender Education Development Foundation ensures that our partners and projects:

  • Tap into existing funded positions (e.g., Education Officers) reducing costs to a minimum.

  • Facilitate group training so intellectual capital is not confined to individuals but builds collective capacity.

  • Have data know-how and systems highlighted from day one.

  • Have built-in sustainability through the development of strategic planning, thinking, action and evaluation.

  • Positively impact the UN SDG4 outcome indicators.

  • Avoid an aid mentality as we focus on changing mindsets to development and group growth.

  • Produce no waste by using technology and investment in cognitive understanding and application combined with our experience in working cross-culturally.