We truly Span the Globe!

Our projects around the world have continued apace through the pandemic. We are humbled by the resilience, initiative and mindset shown by those we are working with. Despite such a tough time, they have persevered through training over Zoom, watching our great teaching videos and working together through the various group exercises. It has been so wonderful seeing how our supported schools are now putting into practice the ideas they picked up through our training. We have seen a new confidence, a desire to communicate clearly with their community how they are different, have a compelling vision and do things differently to the schools around them.

Our project in Burundi at The King's School goes from strength to strength. Rachael Underwood, our Early Years Specialist has been delivering training through Zoom to the Preschool team. They are watching training videos produced by Rachael on their mobile phones - It's all very technical!! But they are doing so well and we hope to visit them in person at the end of the summer.