Sustainable Travel - Aprender is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint

Our Foundation is committed to achieving net zero carbon status. We are proactive in developing innovative strategies and adopting advanced technologies such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence where possible. We collaborate with partners to achieve our net zero carbon goals.

We define net zero as both cutting our emissions down as much as we can in line with what scientists recommend, and offsetting by taking steps to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.

We understand that moving to net zero involves these three steps.

Measure - Identify our carbon footprint.

Our Scope 1 total emissions are zero.

Our Scope 2 total emissions are zero.

Our Scope 3 total emissions are according to Giki is estimated as 537Kg CO2/year.

Reduce - With an understanding of our footprint, we look for where reductions can be made. We do not have day-to-day supply chains as we are predominantly a social technology foundation. Where possible, we recycle and ensure we only print what is essential.

Offset - We invest in tree planting by using Ecosia as our search engine and through carbon offsetting when choosing our travel options. Our travel was reduced to zero during the pandemic. As the world opens up again to travel, we will only visit where necessary and are committed to reducing travel by using virtual training systems.